A rant on PHP

I’ll admit I’ve barely used PHP. I spent some time with it briefly at one of my first development jobs… but I was the only developer and it turned into a giant hackfest. I shudder to imagine the code I wrote back then.

A co-worker (who maintains one of our older applications which is PHP) was recently bitching about the language, and came across this article. I found it to be funny, and very accurate for what little I know of PHP. I figured it was worth a share!


Adventures in various programming stupidity

I came across this hilarious lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt quite a while ago. I foolishly started watching it at work and couldn’t contain my laughter. Other developers started giving me dirty looks so, of course, I sent it to all of them. Within minutes the entire department was nothing but chuckles.

I came across it again recently, and decided I should post it here!





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